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How to get Minecraft for free

Although many of today’s popular titles are free-to-play games, it might surprise you to find out that Minecraft — the best-selling game of all time — isn’t one of them. Its price varies depending on your platform of choice, but it’ll always cost you something to pick up and play the hit title. However, it is possible to gain access to a free trial of the game. It’s not available on every system — and there are a few limitations — but it’s a good idea to take advantage of the demo before buying Minecraft. There’s also a way to access an old version of Minecraft from 2009 for free, so long as you don’t mind being more than a decade behind the times.

 Play the Minecraft demo on PC & Mac

Anyone looking to test out Minecraft on their home computer just need to follow these two easy steps:

That’s really all there is to it. You’ll have access to the full version of Minecraft, but it only lasts for “five in-game days.” A day in Minecraft runs for about 20 minutes, so you’ll have just over an hour and a half to decide if the game is for you. It’s also a good way to check if your older laptop can handle the procedurally generated worlds and sprawling landscapes of one of the best PC games and Mac games.

Play the Minecraft demo on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

While the demo for the console is more restrictive than PC/Mac, it still allows you to experience the world of Minecraft. Here is where you can access the demo for consoles:

  • Xbox One owners can locate the demo on the Xbox Store after searching for Minecraft. ‘
  • PlayStation 4 owners can find it on the PlayStation Store after searching for Minecraft.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save your progress or go past the trial levels. The demo gives you a hands-on experience of what the game will be like, but you may want to check out gameplay videos on YouTube.

Play the Minecraft demo on iOS and Android

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Sadly, there is no demo version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Still, users can enjoy playing the mobile version of the game (which we feel is just as fun as playing on a console or PC). However, this method requires a learning curve for mastering the controls. 

Check out this list of game alternatives for Androids and iPhones, all comparable to Minecraft.

Play Minecraft Classic for free

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Luckily, you can track down the 2009 free PC version of Minecraft Classic. Although it lacks a few of the updated version’s features, it still allows you to play and interact with friends while in Creative mode. 

You can use your browser to launch and play Minecraft. However, we advise not to use this version because of the ancient, bug-prone interface. Still, it’s a decent way for beginner players to get used to the game. 

If you’re interested in trying it out, visit Mojang’s official website

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