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Build a Tallneck with the Horizon Forbidden West Lego set

The first-ever Horizon Forbidden West Lego set is on the way. The kit features a model of a Tallneck, a machine from the Horizon universe that players can scale to see nearby areas. The set is the result of a collaboration between Lego and Guerrilla Games and features a whopping 1,222 pieces total. It will release in May of this year and will retail for $80.

In a press release, Lego shared that the Tallneck model will be over 13.5 inches high and nine inches wide, making it over a foot tall. Included in the box are all the components needed to build the Tallneck, as well a new head block and weapon for main character Aloy and a small model of the Watcher reconnaissance machine.

The box art for the LEGO Tallneck kit.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The kit also includes a few environmental details around its base, including a buildable tree, grass, and a rusty stoplight, enabling players to model their build after Horizon Forbidden West‘s lush world. According to Isaac Snyder, a designer at Lego, the model incorporates “references to all the most iconic aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, from incredible machines, mysterious ruins, unique tribes, and stunning scenery.”

Horizon Forbidden West launches this Friday for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In our review, we praised the game for its strong combat and interesting world, as well as its beautiful visuals. While it does have a few missteps, it’s still a shining example of Sony’s first-party prowess. The Lego kit looks to take everything that players love about the world of  Horizon and allow them to build it themselves, brick by brick.

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