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Horizon Forbidden West is PS5’s first pack-in game

Sony has quietly released its first official PlayStation 5 bundle, which comes packing a voucher for this year’s first-party hit Horizon Forbidden West.

The bundle has already been released in the U.K. under two SKUs — one for the standard console with a disc drive and one for the all-digital version hardware — but it has been spotted on the PlayStation Direct store in the U.S., so it should be available for purchase in the near future.

No price has been shared for the bundle quite yet, but considering the pack-in game, it’s assumed to land around $550 for the standard edition and $500 for the digital edition. Regardless of which version is purchased, however, Horizon Forbidden West comes exclusively as a digital voucher, so don’t expect a physical disc inside the box.

Retailers have been bundling the PlayStation 5 with various games and accessories since the console’s launch in late 2020 in an attempt to capitalize on limited stock. With the Horizon Forbidden West pack-in bundle, though, Sony is clearly taking its own approach to the process in hopes of providing a little extra value for those looking to pick up its newest hardware alongside Guerrilla Game’s popular action-adventure title.

Horizon Forbidden West was largely well-received when it launched in February of this year, but the launch of Elden Ring soon after put it in a tricky spot in terms of maintaining post-release hype. Nevertheless, our review praised the game for its improved combat, gorgeous visuals, and detailed side-quest structure, which “establishes the Horizon franchise as a power player in Sony’s first-party arsenal.”

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