‘Borderlands 2’ app ‘LootTheWorld’ lets you do exactly that

loottheworld app borderlands 2 lets trade qr codes sweet loot

Borderlands 2 came out way back on September 18, 2012, but it’s still fertile ground for all manner of content experimentation froom Gearbox Software. In addition to the third and final Headhunter DLC pack that’s coming up next week, fans equipped with camera-enabled smartphones also stand to get some sweet loot with help from Gearbox’s newly released LootTheWorld app.

In short, it’s a souped-up QR code reader that pairs with your Gearbox Shift account. Anytime you spot a QR code – any QR code – out in the real world, shoot it with the app and you’ll unlock some kind of weapon, grenade, shield, or class mod. You also in stamps, which you then use to send said item to your Borderlands 2 save (after you’ve signed in via Shift). There doesn’t appear to be any way in the app to see how many stamps you have, but some QR codes give you more stamps in addition to a weapon.

Gearbox’s post on the subject suggests that you’re also able to scan bar codes, but we’ve had no luck with that so far. The app detects them, but it spits out an error on every bar code we’ve tried so far (around half a dozen). Between that and the inability to view your stamp count, it appears that LootTheWorld could use an update or two. It’s a promising start though, especially as a taste of something we might see more of in future Gearbox games. You can grab the app from the iOS and Android storefronts now, or you can just follow one of the direct links provided in Gearbox’s announcement post.