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Even ‘Madden’ couldn’t have predicted this wild finish to the NFL regular season

madden 25 week 17 picks

This is it, the final week of the 2013 NFL season, and the final week of Madden’s regular season predictions. Fear not though, intrepid reader, we’ll be back with post-season Madden predictions – but who appears in those games is still very much up in the air.

In its penultimate week, Madden tallied a fairly respectable 7-9 record – respectable compared to its recent results, at least. It was way off on a lot of games, including picking Houston over Denver, but it was also surprisingly close on a few of its wilder picks. Chicago and Philadelphia should have been a great game on paper, but Madden picked a 24-point blowout. In reality, the Eagles won by 43. That sets up a winner-take-all matchup in Dallas this week, with the winner taking the NFC East. According to Madden, it’s going to make for a bad day in Philadelphia.

Madden also predicted the upset of Arizona over Seattle at home, and it was only one point off to boot. That victory leaves the NFC West up in the air, making for a wild finale. As it stands, both San Francisco and Seattle have clenched playoff berths, and following the win in Seattle, Arizona has a shot at a wildcard.

Based on winning percentages, the NFC West is the strongest conference in football. Even the cellar-dwelling St. Louis Rams are one win away from ending the season at .500. There are no sure things in that division.

If San Francisco beats Arizona, and the Rams beat the Seahawks, the 49ers take the division and possibly home field advantage. If Seattle wins, they take the division, home-field advantage, and will end with at least a share of the best record in the NFL along with Denver (assuming the Broncos also win). It won’t mean anything on its own, but it’s a nice bit of bragging rights. As for Arizona, if they win and the New Orleans Saints lose at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cardinals will make the playoffs as well.

That’s a tough, but completely possible, chain of events that would send three teams from the NFC West to the playoffs. Madden doesn’t see that happening though. It really all comes down to Seattle at home. If the Seahawks win, they take the number one spot. If they lose, that opens the door for the 49ers to take the top spot. Or, it could clear the way for the Panthers to take the number one seed if they beat Atlanta.

In other words, it is going to be a Hell of a week.

Week 17 League Leaders:


Russell Wilson: 402 yards 3 TD 1 INT
Matt Stafford: 402 yards 4 TD 2 INT
Peyton Manning: 393 yards 2 TD
Drew Brees:  328 yards 2 TD
Ben Roethlisberger: 287 yards 4 TD 1 INT

Wide Receivers

Calvin Johnson: 162 yards 3 TD
AJ Green: 136 yards 2 TD
Jimmy Graham: 134 yards 2 TD
Dez Bryant: 126 yards 2 TD
Danny Amendola: 118 yards 2 TD

Running Backs

Jamaal Charles: 146 yards 2 TD
Adrian Peterson: 143 yards 2 TD
Matt Forte: 137 yards 2 TD
Frank Gore: 127 yards 1 TD
Marshawn Lynch: 121 yards 1 TD


DeMarco Murray (HB): Broken thumb 1 week

Stephen Jackson (HB): Broken ribs  3 weeks
Darren Sproles (HB): Dislocated ankle 4 weeks
Marques Colston (WR): Pulled groin  2 weeks

Week 17 Game Results:

Thursday Night Game

No Thursday Night game

Sunday Games

Madden Result   Actual Result  
Atlanta: 30 Carolina: 13 Atlanta: TBD Carolina: TBD
Chicago: 34 Green Bay: 21 Chicago: TBD Green Bay: TBD
Tennessee: 13 Houston: 3  Tennessee: TBD Houston: TBD
Pittsburgh: 37 Cleveland: 20  Pittsburgh: TBD Cleveland: TBD
NY Giants: 24 Washington: 11 NY Giants: TBD Washington: TBD
Cincinnati: 24 Baltimore: 3 Cincinnati: TBD Baltimore: TBD
Dallas: 33 Philadelphia: 17 Dallas: TBD Philadelphia: TBD
Jacksonville: 21 Indianapoplis: 14 Jacksonville: TBD Indianapolis: TBD
Miami: 24 NY Jets: 14 Miami: TBD NY Jets: TBD
Detroit: 43 Minnesota: 14 Detroit: TBD Minnesota: TBD
New England: 33 Buffalo: 14 New England: TBD Buffalo: TBD
New Orleans: 30 Tampa Bay: 24 New Orleans: TBD Tampa Bay: TBD
Denver: 25 Oakland: 17 Denver: TBD Oakland: TBD
San Francisco: 19 Arizona: 6 San Francisco: TBD Arizona: TBD
Kansas City: 34 San Diego: 27 Kansas City: TBD San Diego: TBD

Monday Night Game

Madden Result   Actual Result  
Seattle: 42 St. Louis: 14 Seattle: TBD St. Louis: TBD

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