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How to make stunning visual effects using Unreal Engine 4

make stunning visual effects using unreal engine 4 vfx

Take heed, prospective game designers, for Epic Games is here to help you. The relatively recently released Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful gaming engine that can assist anyone to make next-gen looking games. Well, almost anyone. For as user friendly as the tools are, there is still a steep learning curve for those that don’t already know what they are doing. 

For those with the inclination and/or the patience to try game design, Epic has released a closer look at how to use the Unreal Engine 4 to create visual effects. This video is the second released under the “Inside the Unreal” series, which kicked off with a brief look at designing character aesthetics.

From lens flares to dust motes, the engine is designed to make the lives of developers easier. Check it out and look for more videos in the series coming soon.

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