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Microsoft’s E3 2018 showcase may break from the typical formula

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We’re in the right calendar year so it’s not too early to talk about E3 2018, right? Head of Xbox Phil Spencer did just that when he teased a possible change of form for Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference on Major Nelson‘s podcast (via GameSpot)

“I don’t think we’ve talked about [it] yet, but I think will be some positive changes at E3. Could be fun for us; it’ll be a nice change,” Spencer said.

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What exactly could those changes be? It’s hard to say. Microsoft and other major publishers/developers have followed a rather predictable method for running conferences in recent years. Typically, pressers of late contain cinematic trailer after cinematic trailer, with gameplay sessions spliced in throughout, amounting to a compilation of prepared videos, but little actual on-stage discussion.

While the format for Microsoft’s press conferences hasn’t been a noticeable issue, it’s interesting to hear that the studio has plans to switch it up in some way this year.

Since E3 happens to be the most noteworthy gaming convention each year, it’s not surprising that some discussions have already taken place within Microsoft about the video game giant’s presence at the show nearly five months before the event kicks off. E3 2018 will take place in Los Angeles June 12-14.

Regardless of the “positive changes” at E3, the fact remains that Microsoft’s E3 showing will be graded on the showcased games. And in 2018, with the PS4 maintaining its steady dominance and the Nintendo Switch surging, the stakes for Microsoft’s E3 showing may never be higher.

Microsoft could make a big splash by revealing the next entry in its flagship Halo franchise, believed to be titled Halo 6. The last entry in the iconic first-person shooter series, Halo 5, launched in 2015.

Gears of War may be another franchise to look out for at E3 2018. Gears of War 4, the latest entry in the third-person cover shooter, arrived in 2016.

It’s also possible that Microsoft could officially reveal the next entry in the Fable series at E3. Yes, that Fable series. Playground Games, the studio behind Forza Horizon 3, has revived the epic RPG franchise and is said to be working on a full budget title, possibly Fable 4.

Basically, any changes made to Microsoft’s E3 press conference will likely be received well if the Xbox One exclusive game lineup on display delivers. It’s pretty simple.

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E3's absence leaves a crater in the usual gaming hype cycle. Typically, the yearly event took place for a week in Los Angeles and served as a spot where game publishers could announce and advertise their upcoming slates of titles and game-related products. In 2020, the ESA canceled the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it returned digitally in 2021 with mixed results. 

On March 31, the event organizers at the ESA confirmed that there would be no digital or physical E3 event this year. That was quite surprising as more and more in-person events are returning, and the ESA even demonstrated that it could hold the event digitally before. The event may return in 2023, but this year the E3 event that typically consolidates many gaming announcements to one week in June won't play out like normal.
Outside of E3, we also know that EA won't hold its yearly EA Play Live event this summer. Typically, the publisher has its own events outside of E3, but chose not to this year because "this year things aren't lining up to show you everything on one date." That means that if we get new information on titles like the Dead Space remake or the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect, it won't be at an E3-adjacent event. 
What is happening
There are still some major gaming events that will take place this summer. This June, the biggest one is Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest. The creator of The Game Awards plans to hold a Summer Game Fest Kickoff Livestream full of new trailers and announcements. Last year's event featured the release date of Elden Ring, so there are certainly high expectations surrounding the showcase, especially as E3 won't be drawing away any reveals. An indie-focused Day of the Devs presentation and other Summer Game Fest-branded events are also expected to take place this June. Keighley tweeted that Summer Game Fest festivities "will be less than one month this year." 
IGN confirmed that its Summer of Gaming event would also take place in June and feature exclusive trailers, gameplay, and interviews. Bethesda has also teased that it will show Starfield this summer, and we're supposed to get another look at Final Fantasy XVI soon.
As for in-person events, a couple of them are happening later in the summer. Gamescom, a European gaming expo equivalent to E3, will happen in person in Cologne, Germany. In Japan, the Tokyo Game Show will be the final big in-person summer event between September 15 and 18. While E3 might not be happening, it's clear that some digital showcases will happen this summer and that events outside of America are still on track to take place in person. 

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In a statement given to IGN, EA said that it will instead share more details about its ongoing projects "when the time is right." EA's full statement can be found below.

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