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TimeSplitters returns! But maybe not in the way you would think

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Crytek is not making TimeSplitters 4. Ever since the famed company behind the CryEngine and games like Crysis 3 bought up the remnants of Free Radical in 2009, there have been rumors that it would resurrect the comedic first-person shooter series that earned a cult following during the PlayStation 2-era. Some said TimeSplitters 4 was in active development at the renamed Crytek UK, but Crytek said in no uncertain terms that it was not. Then Crytek said that if it could definitively prove to EA, the series’ old publisher, that there was sufficient interest, then it might just back an HD version of TimeSplitters. What are fans of time travel and monkeys with guns supposed to do when their hearts are played with so callously?

Patience and tenacity are rewarded when it comes to the TimeSplitters’ fan community. Back in November the group called “100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4” announced that it had convinced Crytek to lend its support in creating a remake of the original game using the company’s beautiful CryEngine. “I am now looking for modders that can handle the CryEnging,” said a representative of the group on Facebook, “If I manage to get a group together, then [Crytek] may let us use assets from the original TimeSplitters game! So the idea is to build a TimeSplitters all-in-one. All the levels, all the characters, and all the weapons.”

The group delivered, and now Crytek is officially backing – if not making themselves – the game now known as TimeSplitters Rewind. In an update at Cooking With Grenades, the team working on Rewind shed light on what the game will actually be. Rather than just a straight remake of the original game, Rewind will include multiplayer modes and features from all three of the past TimeSplitters games.

Not only are fans of the series are working on the game, but former members of the actual TimeSplitters development team from Free Radical are helping as well.

“We collaborate with Crytek as often as possible,” said project manager Michael Hubicka, “We’re both very busy working on our respective projects. Crytek UK (Free Radical) for example is working on Homefront 2 and the recently released Crysis 3.”

The game is currently planned for PC with a demo due in December. Will TimeSplitters Rewind make the jump to PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox?

“As for a console release, we shall see later on in development. I can’t guarantee anything but maybe, just maybe we will see a console release.”

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