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Monoprice created the perfect setup for racing game fans

Monoprice, the company behind the Dark Matter gaming brand, is getting into the video game simulator market with its new line of products announced at CES 2022. The company is launching a driving wheel accessory and a foldable stand, allowing players to create the ultimate home racing experience.

The Dark Matter Pro Racing Wheel comes with a rubber-coated wheel that’s 10 inches in diameter and can rotate 900 degrees. It has a metal center that features standard controller buttons, including four back paddles that map to triggers and bumpers.

Monoprice's Pro racing wheel, pedals, and stick shift displayed together.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The package doesn’t just come with a wheel. It includes a pedal set, complete with three metal pedals, and a gear shift, which features a handbrake button. Each accessory has a striking black and chrome color scheme.

The wheel set is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it currently works with the PS5, which might be a disappointment for those looking forward to playing Gran Turismo 7 this year. However, Xbox integration means it’s compatible with Forza Horizon 5.

To complete the setup, Monoprice is launching a foldable stand that holds everything. I saw a full setup at a virtual CES 2022 booth tour, which turned a corner of a suite into a convincing virtual driver’s seat. It even showed off the company’s triple gaming monitor mount, which brought three screens together to display Forza in a wide, immersive setup.

A player drives in Forza using Monoprice's pro racing wheel and three monitors.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Those were just a few of the new products Monoprice had on display at the show. The company is also launching a beginner-level flight stick, a new 65% mechanical keyboard, and more.

Monoprice didn’t mention a price or release date for its new products at the show.

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