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Monster Hunter Rise: How to farm honey and other essential items

Monster Hunter titles are known for deep and complicated RPG systems. Early on, stocking up on essential supplies meant venturing out into the wild to forage mushrooms, honey, and old bones. In recent releases, however, a lot of manual labor has been relegated to systems that collect goods while you’re out bashing monster skulls.

The farm doesn’t exist in the latest release, though. Instead, here’s how to farm honey for potions and other essential items in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to farm honey and other items in Monster Hunter Rise

How to farm honey in Monster Hunter Rise
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Instead of relying on NPCs to cultivate honey, bugs, seeds, and other must-have hunting items, you’ll send your Palico or Palamute buddies out to find the goods instead. The farm still exists in all but name. Rather than being its own entity in Kamura Village, it’s built right into the returning Argosy merchant ship.

To reach the Argosy, head across the bridge in Kamura Village. You’ll wind up in the Buddy Plaza, where you’ll find Rondine the Trader by the ship on your left. This is the Argosy, a returning feature that allows you to dictate a selection of rare goods that you want the skipper to bring back for purchase every now and then. It’s a great way to procure some extra crafting materials from time to time, but you won’t know exactly what you’ll get each time.

Beyond this, the Order Items menu of the Argosy allows you to send your pets off on submarines to bring back produce from neighboring nations. The fact that you only use points to boost their yield essentially mimics the notion of “growing” the goods yourself at the farm in previous games, making it more or less the exact same feature.

To access the feature and send your pets out to farm honey and other versatile goods, tap into the Order Items menu, select Trade Requests, and you’ll be presented with slots in which to assign a Palico or Palamute. Tell them what you want them to forage for, and they’ll be sent off on a submarine to grab it.

Unlike the Argosy (and much more like the traditional farm) you won’t have to wait for your pets to return to collect your goods. Items gathered by your pet buddy between quests can be claimed whenever and won’t interrupt their trip. They’ll continue to gather more until you tell them to stop.

How to use Buddy Bargaining to increase submarine items in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise buddy bargaining
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The Buddy Bargaining system takes the place of fertilizers from previous games to increase the number of items brought back on the submarine.

Simply click an occupied submarine slot in the Buddy Bargaining menu to get started. By using various amounts of points, you can increase the rate at which your buddies gather items, the amount they bring back after each quest, or even the rate at which they bring back rare items as well. You’ll unlock more as you complete quests.

Each bargaining skill only applies for a predetermined amount of time, so be sure to reapply the effect regularly to maximize your gains. You can even use rare items like the Lagniapple to apply another boost on top.

How to unlock more submarine slots in Monster Hunter Rise

Just like the farm, you can have multiple items coming in at a time or assign multiple pets to farm the same items to naturally increase yield. Only one submarine slot is unlocked from the start, but if you complete quests and check in on Rondine from time to time, she’ll offer additional side quests and requests that, when completed, will unlock more slots for the submarine.

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