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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC: All new monsters explained

Every new entry in the Monster Hunter series brings a mix of new and old monsters to hunt down, carve up, and craft into your very own armor and weapons. Just like in the Pokemon franchise, it’s really the monsters, not your character, that is the main attraction. Monster Hunter Rise started out with a decent-sized roster of massive beasts to keep you occupied through all the various hunter ranks, but eventually, you will become an expert hunter who knows exactly what to expect from each and every hunt.

Capcom is aware of this, which is why DLC for their Monster Hunter games is so important. They bring in even more new creatures to learn, grind, and just marvel at. Sunbreak for Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most extensive DLCs the series has seen yet and is well worth picking up your weapons once again to explore the new environments and see what dangerous predators await you. If you want to get a sneak peek at all the new monsters laying in wait in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, here’s a full list with some basic tips to help your first hunt be a success.

All new monsters added in Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings in a total of 17 monsters to the roster, seven of which are returning from previous entries. Six are subspecies, and four are completely new, too. Here’s the full list, plus their general strengths and weaknesses:

Gore Magala

Gore Magala shrouded in darkness.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Gora Magala is one that is making a comeback from Monster Hunter 4. This is a flying, dragon-looking monster that is focused on frenzy. The weak points you want to target are its head, neck, and fore legs, with elemental weaknesses to Fire and Blast, and Slashing weapon types. Avoid targeting its body, wings, and wing arms or using Poison or Paralysis ailments.


The Abyssal Archdemon Gaismagorm is the ultimate boss of the Sunbreak story. As such, it is no pushover, so you will want to know exactly how to approach this Elder Dragon. For weak points to target, stick to the head, tip of the tail, and wing arms. The only major weakness this boss has is to Dragon type, with a lesser weakness to Thunder, but it is resistant to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust. Oh, and to make matters worse, it is also fully resistant to all traps and bombs.


Espinas roaring in a cave.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another returning monster, though one most fans may not be familiar with, comes from the now-closed Japanese-only MMO Monster Hunter Frontier. This is the first time it has appeared outside of that game, so you could probably count it as a brand new hunt. This agile monster is a flying wyvern type that should be targeted on the head, body, or legs with a slashing weapon type for the best damage, but avoid the back, tail, and wings. Your best elements to use will be Ice and Blast, with the worst being Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep ailments.

Daimyo Hermitaur

One of the more unique monsters is the Shelled Sovereign Daimyo Hermitaur. This crab-looking monster is one of the first you will encounter in the DLC and is a returning monster from all the way back in Monster Hunter 2. The best way to crack this shelled foe is to hit its head, torso, or arms with Blunt weapon types. Poison is particularly effective against it, followed by Thunder, but it is very resistant to Water, as you might expect.

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

Our first subspecies to cover is the spider-type Pyre Rakna-Kadai, and this is the first appearance of this particular subspecies. You will want to go for the head or legs on this monster with either Cut or Blunt weapon types for the most damage. Unfortunately, this foe has no major weaknesses to take advantage of, however, Stun and Water are your best bests, while it is completely immune to Poison, Blast, and Exhaust.

Shagaru Magala

The elder dragon from Monster Hunter 4 is back and as ferocious as ever. Just like the younger form, Gore Magala, the head, hind legs, and neck are where you’ll want to focus your damage with Slashing weapon types while staying clear of the torso and wings. Poison and Fire will be your friends in this fight, but anything related to Paralysis, Blast, and Sleep won’t do you any good.

Scorned Magnamalo

Magnamalo in a purple light.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You’re already familiar with the dangerous Magnamalo, but the Scorned Magnamalo variant in this DLC ratchets up the difficulty even further. It is tough all over, but going for the head, fore legs, and arms are your best bets for damage, with no specific type being all that better than the others. Make sure you’re using something Water-based here, with Thunder as a secondary, and forget about Fire and Dragon since it is completely immune to those.

Furious Rajang

The big beast Furious Rajang is back from his introduction in the portable Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This hairy creature tends to get furious quickly, so target their head, torso, and forelegs with Blunt or Slashing weapons first, but avoid his back legs and tail if possible. Ice is your best element here, with Water coming in second, and every other type being completely ineffective.


Like many others, Seregios hails from Monster Hunter 4. This agile flyer has a weak head, legs, and torso either with Blunt or Slash damage. Thunder will be your element of choice in this fight, while Fire will do absolutely nothing, and Dragon is close to useless too. For ailments, Exhaust is your best bet, but it is fully immune to Paralysis.

Aurora Somnacanth

Another brand new subspecies, this leviathan type is a beautiful killer in a fight. Take your Blunt weapon to its neck, head fin, or tail to put the smackdown on this slithery serpent. Element-wise, nothing will push the needle too much, but Fire and Thunder will do the most work, with anything else being completely ineffective.

Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron rising from lava.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can probably guess based on the name what this Almudron subspecies is all about. Your best weapon choice is going to be something Blunt you can smack its head, foreleg, or abdomen with, while Water and Ice will be your most effective Elements. It should go without saying that Fire and Blast won’t help you at all in this fight.


This massive wyvern has flown in from Monster Hunter Generations to ruin your day in Sunbreak. Both Slashing and Blunt weapons do equally well against it, so long as you target its chest, neck, or tail as a last resort while avoiding the torso, back, and wings. This high flyer is only really weak to Ice, with immunity to Thunder and Poison, and will easily shrug off Dragon types.

Blood Orange Bishaten

As the name suggests, this subspecies of Bishaten has a new orange and yellow fur coat it’s looking to show off. Like most beast types, you’ll want a Slashing weapon to hit its head, tail, and wings with, but avoid its thick torso and legs. This bright beast is fully resistant to Fire and Dragon but weakest against Water and Thunder, with moderate weakness to Blast as well.

Shogun Ceanataur

Making its debut in Monster Hunter 2, this Carapaceon is the first of its type to show up in this game. Like any shellfish, smashing the head, shell, and claws with Blunt damage is effective. Also fitting with the creature’s watery nature, Thunder deals tons of damage, with Fire and Ice coming in behind, and Dragon being the worst option. No ailments will really help you in this fight, but Blast, Fireblight, and Thunderblight are the ones to use if you go that way.


Lunagaron howling at the moon.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

One of the Three Lords you’ll be told about in this DLC, Lunagaron is a brand new beast to this expansion. This wolf-looking creature has a weak head and all four legs to Blunt attacks, with an armored body and back. Fire and Blast damage types will hit the hardest, but it will shrug off any Poison or Paralysis you try to inflict on it.


Stick with the Three Lords — Garangolm is your next fresh face in Sunbreak. This massive stone gorilla hates Blunt damage, especially to the head and arms, but will tank hits on its legs or body. It can somehow resist Poison and Paralysis like a champ but takes extra damage from Fire, Thunder, and Blast types of attacks.


Last but certainly not least is the poster boy for the entire DLC and final member of the Three Lords, Malzeno. Acting as a kind of final boss, this nightmare of a dragon still has weaknesses you can take advantage of. First, get yourself a Slashing weapon and go for either the head or tail, but not the resistant tip of the tail, back legs, or wings. If you’ve got anything with Ice or Blast elements on them, use those, but leave your tricky ailments like Sleep, Poison, and Paralysis at home. They won’t phase this terrifying creature.

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