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How to play local matches in MultiVersus

Whether you prefer the characters or mechanics in Smash or not, there's one area in which MultiVersus is undeniably superior, and that's online play. The developers made it a point to include rollback netcode from the start so that everyone playing online, no matter what system they're on, can have the smoothest possible experience. However, despite the game being free and available on most systems, some people still prefer to fight it out locally.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • MultiVersus

  • Two controllers

MultiVersus may put online matches front and center, but any fighting game worth playing has an option to sit down side by side with your opponent and duke it out on the same system. MultiVersus is no different, except that it's not placed in a very intuitive location, leading a lot of players to wonder if the game even has local play at all. If you want to battle it out with your pals in locals, here's how to play together on one system in MultiVersus.

The custom game options.

How to play local matches in MultiVersus

Local matches are very easy to set up once you know how, and they're available as soon as you download and boot the game up. Here's where to find this somewhat-hidden mode.

Step 1: Start up MultiVersus and get to the main menu.

Step 2: Select Play.

Step 3: Tab over to the Custom play section.

Step 4: Select Local multiplayer.

Step 5: Select your characters, change the rules if you like, and get to fighting!

Local multiplayer, much like training mode, unlocks all characters without you having to have purchased them, so it's another great way to try out characters you may want to buy later for online play. The mode supports up to four players at once, so you can have a full match and even tweak the game settings however you want.

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