NBA Live 15 delayed until October 28

nba live 15 delayed october 28
NBA Live 15 has been pushed back a few weeks until October 28, as announced in an open letter from executive producer Sean O’Brien. The delay should come as little surprise to anyone who has been tracking the game, which was absent from the big summer 2014 shows E3, Gamescom, and PAX Prime, and only debuted its gameplay trailer less than two months from the previously confirmed release date.

O’Brien notes that the team needs more time to continue refining animations and controls, to better ensure the smoothest experience possible. Along with the delay, O’Brien also announced a new gameplay blog that will provide fans with a steady drip of information to hold their interest until the late October launch.

The game was originally slated to come out on October 7, alongside chief rival NBA 2K15. The later date lines up, appropriately enough, with the opening night of the 2014-14 NBA season. Letting 2K release their game first is a gamble on EA Sports’ part, but a rocky launch could provide a window for  Live 15 to swoop in and save the day.

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