NBA Live 15 trailer offers up a highlight reel first look at gameplay

EA Tiburon’s NBA Live 15 remains a big question mark. The game was absent at E3, absent at Gamescom, and absent again at PAX Prime. It squares off against Visual Concepts’ competing NBA 2K15, for publisher 2K, on October 7, so time is running out.

This video right here offers up a first look at NBA Live 15‘s gameplay. It’s more in the vein of a highlight reel than raw footage, with cinematic angles and shots meant to capture the thrill of professional basketball’s money moments.

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EA Sports revived its presence in virtual pro basketball with the 2013 release of NBA Live 14. While the game showed some promise as a foundation that EA Tiburon can build on, it ultimately felt too similar, and too inferior, to 2K’s competition.

The good news is, even then, EA’s devs recognized the long road ahead for the NBA Live series, and there’s every reason to expect some improvements in this year’s iteration. Will it be enough to unseat a long-dominant competitor with more consecutive years of annual releases behind it? That remains to be seen. Check out the trailer let us know what you think.

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