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Nintendo continues to tease the west with a very limited New 3DS release in Europe

new nintendo 3ds xl february 13 along remastered zelda majoras mask
The New Nintendo 3DS is gradually making its way west with the special Ambassador Edition, which is set for a limited European release by invitation only to Nintendo Club members. No, this has nothing to do with the 3DS Ambassador Program.

If you think you might be eligible, check your Nintendo Club inbox or just log in to the Ambassador Edition page before January 12 to place your order. Be sure to check out the terms of sale on Nintendo’s U.K. page if you have any questions.

The Ambassador Edition includes a white 3DS with exclusive, Ambassador face plates along with a Smash Bros. plate set. Nintendo is also throwing in a charging dock, stylus, and 4GB microSDHC card. The newly updated 3DS adds shoulder buttons and a C-stick nub for expanded control options, along with internal improvements like a faster processor and improved 3D functionality with head tracking. The redesigned device hit Japanese stores in October, 2014, rolling out to nearby Australia and New Zealand soon thereafter.

There is still no formal word on a retail release for the new 3DS in Europe or North America, which has thus far only been promised for 2015. The Ambassador Edition promotion would seem to indicate that a wider, Western release is just around the corner.

If you were not one of the lucky few to get an invitation from Nintendo, but can’t wait any longer for a full release, the Ambassador Editions are already showing up on eBay (though take note that they’re region-locked).

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