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Think that cow-milking game was weird? '1-2 Switch' offers even more oddness

Nintendo Switch 体験会 2017 『1-2-Switch (ワン・ツー・スイッチ)』体験コメント
If you thought Nintendo’s Switch minigame collection launch title, 1-2 Switch, wasn’t packed with weird enough experiences, you haven’t seen anything yet. The full list of 28 minigames has now been revealed, and there is just as much strange stuff as there was in that cow-milking game.

Many people questioned why Nintendo’s minigame collection wasn’t being bundled with the Switch, but it could well be because there’s a lot more content there than people gave it credit for. While we previously saw just a handful of games in action, now we know there are nearly 30 of them and they range from answering the phone quicker than your opponent, to calming a crying baby.

Revealed in a number of Japanese trailers for the various games, we have a reasonable idea of what the gameplay will be like with most of them.

Sword Fight is one of the most game-like  of the bunch, tasking you with swinging invisible swords at one another. A little like the Samurai Training game, this one lets you strike back, rather than just catching the blade.


Wizard is a similarly built competitive game in which you attempt to counter each other’s spells with hard-to-discern thrusts of your Joy-Con wand.


There are modern renditions of older party games, like Soda, which has you shaking a virtual bottle and passing the controller to your friend to have them do the same, until one of you sets it off.


Games like Shaver get a little weirder, by tasking you and your opposite number to virtually shave a digital version of your face, using the built in “HD rumble” of the Joy-Con to figure out where you still have left to cover.


Then there’s Runway, which has you walking and posing to a rhythm.


And Telephone, which has you answering a telephone as quickly as you can.


There’s also Eating Contest, which is exactly what you would expect:


Beach Flag will certainly get you sweating:


Liar Dice appears to make some use of the Switch’s screen during play, which makes it one of the only 1-2 Switch games to do so:


The real oddball of the bunch though and the “game” that has most people talking is Baby, which puts you in the shoes of a new parent attempting to calm their crying infant.


But this isn’t even the full lineup. Nintendo’s Japanese site (via Gamespot) has it that there are 28 in total, so with at least 10 more yet to be revealed, things could get weirder still before the Switch and 1-2 Switch, debut on March 3.

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