Nintendo debuts Nintendo TVii, the app that will make the Wii U your go-to media center

Nintendo TV

Wii u everything you need to know pricing launch release dateAlong with the announcement of the Wii U price and release date, Nintendo debuted the new app, Nintendo TVii. While the inclusion of new apps isn’t surprising in the least, it does confirm that Nintendo is positioning the Wii U as a home entertainment device more than just a new gaming console.  

Nintendo TV controllerThe Wii U’s Nintendo TVii app will be able to search all of your registered TV sources, including the services available through the Wii U like Netflix, as well as your own sources like DVR, Hulu, and more. The gamepad will show you the options and act as a personal search engine and remote, plus it will also connect to social networks, including Facebook and the Wii U network, to show you what your friends are saying about it.

When you are watching a show, certain programs will offer additional information streamed to the gamepad. If you are watching a scripted show, you can look up the filmography of the actor. If you want to know when that show will air next, you can easily access that as well. Then if you are watching one program but are thinking about the next, you can also watch trailers of movies and shows while still watching the original show on TV.

While watching a show, you can also capture screenshots to share through your social networks. This is something that will grow as the Wii U grows. In theory though, any program you watch, you can see the reactions of your friends, assuming they also watched the show through Nintendo TV and posted comments.

The sports aspect looks to be a highlight of the service. While watching a game live on TV, the gamepad will be connected online and constantly offer you additional information, the ability to replay plays, and talk to friends about the game.

This service will be included with the Wii U at no additional cost.