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Nintendo Mini Classic will let you save games wherever, whenever you like

Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System - A Blast from the Past
As much as we’re big fans of retro gaming here at Digital Trends, one aspect that is always hard to swallow is the lack of saves. Passwords offer some form of backup, but they are hardly convenient, so it’s good to hear that when Nintendo launches its Mini Classic in November, it will come with a built-in save function.

using what are known as “suspend states,” you will be able to save any of the 30 bundled games at any point, whether you’re at the start of a level or in mid-jump against the final boss. To trigger it, all you have to do is hit the reset button midgame and a suspend point will automatically be saved for you. You can save up to four suspend points per game, so don’t fret if a sibling picks up a controller and has a go, your save will be perfectly safe.

As Nintendo notes in its release, just because your kids are playing retro games, doesn’t mean that they can’t pause and save wherever they are. There’s no more waiting for them to reach a save point.

Another modern interpretation of the retro Nintendo system is the inclusion of three different display modes. There’s a classic CRT filter, which gives the games the look they would have had when first played on an old-school tubeTV with the inclusion of scan-lines; a 4:3 mode which adds those black bars to the left and right to restrict the view down to what 1980s gamers had to put up with, and pixel perfect, which turns every pixel into a perfect square, something more akin to what the original designers intended.

The other major feature that Nintendo is touting with the mini system is digital manuals. These are accessed through the system online, or on your smartphone if you scan the on-screen QR code. Included documentation is all original, so it has all of the ’80s artwork and references that the very first iterations of the 30 games had.

The Nintendo Mini Classic will finally become available on November 11, priced at $60. It will include a selection of some of the most popular games from the NES era, including Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda.

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