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New images of the Nintendo Switch Lite reveal a smaller battery

Nintendo switch lite new console mobile on the go undocked built in controllers

The Nintendo Switch Lite will feature improved battery life compared to the original version of the console, and according to images filed with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), it will be doing so with a battery that is smaller than before.

As reported by The Verge, several images of the Nintendo Switch Lite that show the exterior of the console, as well as its internal components, were filed with the FCC. In one of the images, a rechargeable lithium-ion 13.6Wh (watt-hour) battery can be seen on the right side. This is compared to the 16Wh battery the original Switch featured. The images also show a revised version of the console releasing this month with a battery that looks to be the same as before.

The adjusted chip placement shown in the images will play a part in the Switch Lite’s improved battery life, as well as the revised version of the original. The board on the Switch Lite is named “VALI,” while the revised Switch has one named “MODIN.”

Nintendo’s new chip layout will apparently improve the console’s battery performance significantly. The revised Switch will reportedly last even longer than the Switch Lite, maxing out at around 9 hours. This is 2.5 hours more than the original Switch, and 2 hours longer than the Switch Lite’s estimated battery life.

With the Switch packing so much power into a tiny shell, it makes sense that Nintendo would decide against increasing the size of its battery for the new model. The system must stay cool through its fans and vents on the top, which can be challenging if it is docked. The Switch Lite won’t have the latter issue, but its reduced size means that a smaller battery is a necessity.

We anticipate this won’t be the last time Nintendo makes revisions to the Switch. Rumors of a more powerful system have not been dispelled by Nintendo, and though the two models that were rumored back in June have seemingly been revealed, a more powerful console would help to fill the gap in the current lineup of Switch consoles. As the Xbox One and PS4 make way for their successors, new console offerings can help keep players interested in the Switch.

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