Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus Offers Customized Regimens

There’s little question that Nintendo broke some new ground with its Wii Fit game and Balance Board accessory (which has sold more than 8 million copies in the U.S.), enabling users to tap into the Wii console for a bit of home fitness without necessarily having to undergo the humiliation of something like Dance Dance Revolution. Balance Board-supporting games and Wii Fit have proven a hit among a demographic Nintendo has unique success with—non-traditional gamers—as parents, seniors, and young children get into the games.

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus box

Now Nintendo is upping the ante with Wii Fit Plus, offering customized workouts for every member of a household—what’s more, users can even create Miis for their pets and track their own pets weight.

“As the fast pace of the holiday season kicks in, Wii Fit Plus delivers an unbeatable at-home fitness option,” said Nintendo America sales VP Cammie Dunaway, in a statement. “Whether people have specific fitness goals or just want a fun way to stay active, they can create a personalized, productive workout routine that they’ll actually look forward to each day.”

Wii Fit Plus includes activities that encompass aerobic activity, strength strength training, and balance; the game features 20 new activities that weren’t present in the original Wii Fit, including a Segway course, skateboarding, and (with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller) Kung Fu. Users can select workout routines that last anywhere from five minutes to an hour, and customize routines so they focus on particular activities or target areas.

Wii Fit Plus is available now with a Balance Board accessory for $99.99; folks who already have the Balance Board can grab just the Wii Fit Plus software for $19.99.

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus screenshot