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‘No Man’s Sky’ delayed once again (but only on PC and only by three days)

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Some gamers who have been anxiously awaiting Hello Games’ hotly anticipated title No Man’s Sky will have to wait just a little bit longer, as its release on PC will be delayed — by a whopping three days.

Hello Games subtly updated No Man’s Sky’s official site, which now shows an August 12 release date instead of August 9. Luckily, PlayStation 4 gamers will still enjoy No Man’s Sky right on schedule.

No Man’s Sky is the massive galaxy exploration game that’s been in development for the past four years. It puts players in a spacecraft and sends them out into the vastness of the universe. Players can claim planets, dig up resources, and engage in space combat. Since its unveiling, gamers have been clamoring to get their hands on it. But due to the complex nature of building an entire universe, it has been hit with some delays, causing some upset.

The game has also run into legal snafus, most notably with British television provider Sky. The two settled and now the word “sky” can be used in the title. More recently, Dutch company Genicap claimed Hello Games infringed on its “superformula” patent for developing No Man’s Sky’s infinite universe. This assertion was quickly dismissed by creative director Sean Murray, who claimed that No Man’s Sky doesn’t use Genicap’s superformula.

No Man's Sky doesn't actually use this "superformula" thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-story… everybody chill
(シ_ _)シ

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) July 23, 2016

When No Man’s Sky does launch next month, PlayStation gamers will be able to get online on August 9. The game’s online functionality will not require users to subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. This means that the entire PlayStation community can jump online and run into each other, although the chances are almost impossibly slim.

Development for No Man’s Sky officially ended earlier this month, meaning that the game has gone gold and is most likely already being pressed.

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