No Playstation 3 Until November

[Editor’s note: Come here from Digg looking for “Samsung Delays Blu-ray Disc Player”? Click here for that story – we incorrectlysubmitted the URL and apologize for the inconvenience.]   At a hastily convened news conference, Sony games chief Ken Kutaragi announced the launch of its anticipated Playstation 3 gaming console would be delayed until November 2006, more than a year and a half after it’s official unveiling. At issue: technical agreementssurrounding copy protection technology for the unit’s included Blu-Ray disc drive, the next-generation DVD player to be included in the PS3.

Sony had previously been aiming to launch the Playstation 3 in May. Although Sony currently dominates the game console market with an estimated 70 percent market share worldwide, the six-month delay means the system will get to market a full year after Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming platform, and launch nearly simultaneously with Nintendo’s forthcoming Revolution console. Although analysts view the delay as a negative