No Pre-Christmas Wii Ads in UK

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedUK television viewers will notice something missing in the run up to Christmas shopping. That’s because Nintendo has decided to pull its advertising forthe popular Wii console.   Why? After all, this should be the busiest time of the year, as kids and adults turn in the wish lists – and the odds are thata Wii will be on many of them.   But Wiis are in short supply in the UK. As soon as any store gets a few in they’re snapped up, leaving a lot of frustrated parents and relatives.  The company considers that temporarily pulling its advertising is a responsible move. A Nintendo spokesman told Marketing Week,   "We have beenrunning the campaign all year, but we want to take a responsible stance this Christmas and not fuel demand."   Where people can buy a Wii – there are a number on eBay, for instance – the prices have rocketed far above retail.