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NYT Crossword: answers for Friday, July 12

The New York Times has plenty of word games on its roster today — with Wordle, Connections, Strands, and the Mini Crossword, there’s something for everyone — but the newspaper’s standard crossword puzzle still reigns supreme. The daily crossword is full of interesting trivia, helps improve mental flexibility and, of course, gives you some bragging rights if you manage to finish it every day.

While the NYT puzzle might feel like an impossible task some days, solving a crossword is a skill and it takes practice — don’t get discouraged if you can’t get every single word in a puzzle.

If you’re having trouble completing today’s NYT Crossword, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the answers for today’s clues down below.

NYT Crossword answers today

New York Times Crossword logo.
New York Times


1 Tea accompaniment : SHORTBREAD
11 What connects money to everything? : ISNT
15 Assignment in a classic first job : PAPERROUTE
16 Put away for travel, perhaps : STOW
17 It has many twists and turns : CRAZYSTRAW
18 Tennis star Mandlikova : HANA
19 H.S. course for future English majors : APLIT
20 Peruvian currency : SOL
21 Thataway : YON
22 “___ último” (“Lastly,” in Spanish) : POR
24 Dramatically reducing : SLASHING
28 Place for a soak : SPA
31 Actress Dennings : KAT
33 Stays away from : SHUNS
34 Move in a sack race : HOP
35 Radiate : EMIT
37 Flagged down : HAILED
39 “A vodka and Red Bull for the discerning,” per Difford’s cocktail guide : ESPRESSOMARTINI
42 Fashion line? : STRIPE
43 Jerk : YANK
44 Grp. with a key on its seal : NSA
45 Table reads? : MENUS
46 Org. that might plan a fund-raiser : PTA
47 Predator on a continental shelf : EEL
48 Personally select : HANDPICK
51 “___ be a dark day …” : ITD
53 Secondary social media account, informally : ALT
54 Greet warmly : HUG
56 Cosmetics brand whose name sounds like a dessert : TARTE
60 Product of composting : SOIL
62 What OpenAI’s DALL-E creates : DIGITALART
64 Historically : ONCE
65 Drip alternatives : AMERICANOS
66 Call for : NEED
67 Animated character who serves as an official Japanese tourism ambassador : HELLOKITTY


1 Org. helping to find “forever homes” : SPCA
2 Dwell (on) : HARP
3 “Because of Winn-Dixie” narrator : OPAL
4 Close again, as a piece of luggage : REZIP
5 “Get with the program, will you!” : TRYTOKEEPUP
6 Abbr. in an apartment listing : BRS
7 Turns, perhaps : ROTS
8 Notes you might take on a semester abroad? : EUROS
9 Even a little bit : ATALL
10 Morning phenomenon : DEW
11 “Or thereabouts” : ISH
12 Advice for voters waiting at crowded polling sites : STAYINLINE
13 Lacking bells and whistles : NONONSENSE
14 Southern accent feature : TWANG
23 First in a line of Egyptian pharaohs : RAMSESI
25 Frequent Ja Rule collaborator : ASHANTI
26 Surfer’s concern : SHARKATTACK
27 French for “eight” : HUIT
28 Elvis’s “___ Not You” : SHES
29 Rapper featured on Taylor Swift’s 2024 hit “Fortnight” : POSTMALONE
30 Leonardo da Vinci, from the ages of 14 to 24 : APPRENTICE
32 “Ah yes, yes indeed” : TIS
36 Carnival prize : TOY
38 Push one’s buttons? : DIAL
40 Common item for composting : RIND
41 Subway station feature : MAP
48 Wears : HASON
49 Sound heard every hour, perhaps : CHIME
50 Jewish noodle dish : KUGEL
52 ___ Lama : DALAI
55 “Let me tell you …” : GIRL
57 That’s saying a lot! : RANT
58 Medium pace : TROT
59 Competitor of Amazon Handmade : ETSY
61 Ran : LED
62 “Well, lah-di-___!” : DAH
63 Spanish slang for “dude” : TIO
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