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NYT Crossword: answers for Friday, July 19

The New York Times has plenty of word games on its roster today — with Wordle, Connections, Strands, and the Mini Crossword, there’s something for everyone — but the newspaper’s standard crossword puzzle still reigns supreme. The daily crossword is full of interesting trivia, helps improve mental flexibility and, of course, gives you some bragging rights if you manage to finish it every day.

While the NYT puzzle might feel like an impossible task some days, solving a crossword is a skill and it takes practice — don’t get discouraged if you can’t get every single word in a puzzle.

If you’re having trouble completing today’s NYT Crossword, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the answers for today’s clues down below.

NYT Crossword answers today

New York Times Crossword logo.
New York Times


1 St. Teresa’s birthplace : AVILA
6 Appealing subject? : LAW
9 Upon which a dragonfly frequently lays its eggs : POND
13 Ready for action, informally : RARINTOGO
15 Strait of ___, narrowest part of the English Channel : DOVER
16 “There are no words …” : ICANTEVEN
17 Setting of a date for Edward and Vivian in “Pretty Woman” : OPERA
18 Quench : SATE
19 Boyfriend of Nancy Drew : NED
20 “Wait!” : NOTNOW
21 Remedy for some redness : EYEDROP
23 Playing a sudden-death round, perhaps : INOT
24 Things that are head and shoulders above the rest? : PROFILEPICS
29 It might turn red or blue : SWINGSTATE
33 Reaction to a funny text : LMAO
34 Long rides : LIMOS
35 Farmers business: Abbr. : INS
36 New York college known for opinion polling : SIENA
37 What “waftaroms” represent in the comics : ODOR
38 Was unfairly criticized, informally : GOTABADRAP
40 Flipped : WENTBANANAS
42 “Listen up!” : AHEM
43 Gave a hard time : HASSLED
48 Physiologist whose namesake exercise is part of an Army fitness test : BURPEE
50 “You couldn’t mean ME?” : MOI
51 Prepare to take off : TAXI
52 Happening : AFOOT
53 Small-time, as stakes : PENNYANTE
55 Hangs : LOLLS
56 Warning related to pollution : SMOGALERT
57 Dinghy destination, perhaps : ISLE
58 “___ out!” : YER
59 Outside tables? : MESAS


1 Surface : ARISE
2 Holiday time, informally : VACAY
3 Incandescent, so to speak : IRATE
4 Like many winter coats : LINED
5 “The ___ and the Dove” (Aesop fable) : ANT
6 Fairy tale elixir : LOVEPOTION
7 Like Parmigiano Reggiano : AGED
8 Currency equivalent to 100 jeon : WON
9 Screw cap alternative : POPTOPLID
10 What might prompt you to flip the bird? : OVENTIMER
11 Name hidden in “hard-line Roman Emperor” : NERO
12 Prepare to duel : DRAW
14 Choir section : TENORS
15 Lorna of romance : DOONE
20 River traveled by passenger boats known as dahabeahs : NILE
22 Final Fantasy and others, for short : RPGS
25 Coca-Cola brand : FANTA
26 Acceptance speech cliché : ITSANHONOR
27 Site of a New Testament miracle : CANA
28 It may get into a lather : SOAP
29 Like old computers, irritatingly : SLOW
30 Extensive : WIDE
31 “Nothing can stop me!” : IMONAROLL
32 Locale with the ZIP code 88888 : NORTHPOLE
36 Lip : SASS
38 Flirting ability, in slang : GAME
39 Non-silence of the lambs? : BAAING
41 Some salad slices : BEETS
44 Tired : STALE
45 Alley ways : LANES
46 Over the top : EXTRA
47 Turns down a sweet offer, perhaps? : DIETS
48 Neighbor of Java : BALI
49 They’re out of this world : UFOS
50 Internet phenomenon : MEME
53 K-pop sensation of 2012 : PSY
54 Sub-Saharan crop : YAM
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