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OtterBox’s Xbox battery pack stops controllers from dying midgame

OtterBox is expanding its line of gaming products with its new Power Swap Controller Battery designed for Xbox controllers. The rechargeable pack includes a first-of-its-kind reserve cell that prevents a controller from suddenly dying midgame.

Best known for its phone cases, OtterBox expanded into gaming back at this year’s CES with a line of products built around the Xbox controller. While those were mostly tools created with cloud gaming in mind, the latest addition to its portfolio is a creative power solution for Xbox players.

The Power Swap Controller Battery is a standard rechargeable battery pack with a twist. Players install a reserve battery into their Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One controller, which never has to be removed once installed as it draws power from the battery pack. When the batteries run out of power, the reserve cell kicks in and gives players an extra 30 seconds of juice.

The tool is meant to prevent controllers from dying outright, giving a window to swap in the battery and eliminating the need for resyncs. The handy tool features a quick-release hot-swap design that allows packs to be switched in and out seamlessly. The packs will also emit a light on the players’ hands when the battery is running low on power. The battery packs themselves deliver up to 10 hours of playtime.

The Power Swap Controller Battery will be available for $60 through OtterBox’s website starting on June 15. The package comes with two batteries as well as a charging dock and mounting cages.

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