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Gamer’s dad brings ‘Overwatch’ emotes into the real world

Overwatch Emotes reenacted by my Dad
Some of the most popular games released over the past decade have featured colorful, often-silly characters, and Overwatch is no different. Bringing that light tone into the real world while showcasing his dad’s acting ability is YouTuber Nick Luciano, who had his father re-enact some of the emotes from the Blizzard shooter, often with household objects and tools instead of weapons.

It’s not often that you can share gaming hobbies with older family members, but Luciano has certainly found an interesting way to do it. There are a number of great bits in the video, from mistakes and reshoots, to a quick interaction with a confused neighbor. But it’s Luciano’s dad’s enjoyment of the whole thing that seals the deal.

His impressions of the characters are pretty on point, too, whether he’s doing the gruff voices of Soldier 76 and Reaper, the intense facial expressions of Winston, or the much more melodic sounds of Widowmaker and Symmetra. And Nick’s dad deserves some credit for not getting dizzy during Bastion’s spinning routine either, though he does look a little unsteady at the end of it.

The interpretations and make-do attitude of the character equipment is also great throughout. Whether it’s using dog leads for pistols, a small child’s bow for Hanzo’s war bow or a hand vacuum for a hand cannon. There’s also brooms, juggling balls, Nerf pistols, trowels, and even a weed whacker — most of which are carefully deposited just off (often half-in) frame, ready for action.

But of course, we really should expect this level of professionalism and reenactment skill from Luciano’s father at this point. This is the same dad who has acted out all of the taunt animations from Super Smash Bros on the Wii U, though he certainly has some competition, as there’s an aunt who got in on the action, too.

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