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‘Overwatch’ players can earn double XP from June 8-12

Overwatch recently celebrated its first anniversary, and to mark that milestone, Blizzard has announced a double XP weekend set to take place between June 8 and 12. Players who are eager to grind out a few more levels should be sure to log in and grab a few games while the experience point (XP) bonuses are active.

Double XP will apply to almost all the in-game activities that contribute to leveling, including time spent in a match, matches completed, consecutive matches completed, matches won, backfilling a match that’s already in progress, and earning medals for your performance.

Players will also be able to stack the double XP bonus with existing group and Internet Game Room bonuses earned by playing with others. However, the First Win of the Day bonus will not stack, and will remain at a steady 1,500 XP, doled out just once for every 24-hour period.

Given that it’s only been available for twelve months, Overwatch has become an enormous success. It’s undeniably one of the biggest multiplayer games of the moment, with players hanging on every announcement of new maps, new characters, and the enormously popular limited time events that Blizzard has offered up.

The game looks set to go from strength to strength as it enters its second year on the scene, with new content set to arrive at a steady rate. For months, actor Terry Crews has been campaigning to voice an upcoming hero known as Doomfist, and there are persistent rumors that this might come to pass — although Blizzard has already stated that no Overwatch announcements will be made at E3 2017, so we might have to wait a while.

This weekend’s double XP bonuses go into effect on June 8 at 5 p.m. PT. More details, as well as a full listing of when the festivities get underway in various time zones, are available via the official Overwatch blog.

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