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Blizzard appears to accidentally leak a second 'Overwatch' Sombra image

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Sombra’s existence in Overwatch has been all but confirmed at this point, with an alleged internal Blizzard image showing the character posing in an in-game screenshot, but the developer appears to have accidentally leaked a second image ahead of her official announcement.

Available for a brief period of time on the Blizzard store’s website before making its way to Reddit and Imgur by a quick fan, the image of Sombra appears to be concept art, showing the purple-haired alleged Talon operative wielding a claw-like gauntlet that fires energy beams in all directions in a manner similar to Symmetra or Winston. Her skirt, boots, and collar all appear to be made out of a metal armor, and she has a small scar on her left eyebrow.

Though Blizzard hasn’t officially unveiled Sombra yet, earlier leaks point to her being a “hacker,” possibly working in conjunction with Reaper and the Talon organization. Should she be a member of Talon, Sombra would be one of the few “bad” characters in the game. The list also includes Reaper, Widowmaker, Roadhog, and Junkrat.

Just what class Sombra ends up being is still up in the air, but we suspect it’s likely defense. The concept art shows an attack capable of hitting multiple targets at once, and given her small size in relation to Winston — a tank who has a Tesla cannon with a similar move — and the fact that Symmetra is already available as a support character, a less aggressive role seems to suit Sombra.

With Sombra still not officially revealed, it’s almost guaranteed that she will be finally revealed to the public at Blizzcon, which begins this Friday, November 4. She will be the second character added to Overwatch post-release, following supporting sniper Ana’s inclusion over the summer.

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