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Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam, and more Blizzard games may soon be on the way

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that Overwatch 2 will make its way to Steam on August 10, the same day its next season, titled Invasion, begins.

Overwatch 2 has been available on PC since its October 4, 2022, early access launch, but until now players had to download Blizzard’s proprietary launcher,, in order to play it. Although players will still need a account that they can connect to Steam to play the game online, Overwatch 2 will be fully integrated into Valve’s popular launcher, with support for things like achievements, compatibility with Steam friends lists, and Steam game invites. This launch is also timed to happen alongside the start of Season 6: Invasion, which will introduce the first batch of PvE story missions to the game.

In a blog post on Blizzard’s website, the company confirms that this is actually just the start of a plan to bring more Blizzard games to Steam, stating that it will be “sharing more about potential other games coming to the platform when the time is right.” There aren’t plans to completely abandon, though, with Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra saying in the same blog post that “ remains a priority for us now and into the future.”

Still, starting initiatives to bring Blizzard Entertainment games to more platforms makes a lot of sense ahead of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Overwatch 2’s Steam page is already live for those who want to wish list or bookmark it ahead of release.

Overwatch 2 is available for free right now across, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch; Steam will be added to that lineup on August 10.

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Overwatch 2’s story-driven PvE missions are being abandoned by Blizzard
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Earlier this week, a story from Kotaku indicated that the future of Overwatch 2's story-driven PvE missions was in question after the first batch of missions, which were released as paid DLC for a free-to-play game and sold poorly. Now, a new report from Bloomberg affirms that. As part of a newsletter outlining wider frustrations Blizzard's developers have with how the company ties profit-sharing bonuses to the performance of games that specific teams make, Bloomberg touched on how the Overwatch 2 team's bonuses were negatively impacted by the failure of the PvE content. A lot of that PvE team was apparently laid off in January when Microsoft cut 1,900 games-related jobs, and sources now tell Bloomberg that Blizzard does not plan to finish its previously planned PvE content.

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Diablo IV was released in June 2023, just a few months before Microsoft completed its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. It's the latest entry in a long-running isometric RPG series, and it retains the same engaging dungeon design, deep progression systems, and captivating loot loop that makes games in this franchise special. People have been wondering when Activision Blizzard games would arrive on Xbox Game Pass in the months since the acquisition process was completed, and Diablo IV was finally confirmed to be coming to the service on March 28 last month.

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The collaboration begins on March 12, when Legendary skins, emotes, and other items based on Cowboy Bebop will appear in the game's store. So far, a Cassidy skin based on Spike Spiegel, an Ashe skin that turns her into Faye Valentine, a Jet Black skin for Mauga, an Ed skin for Sombra, and an Ein Wrecking Ball skin are all confirmed for Overwatch 2. Although players will have to pay for most of these skins with microtransactions, the Wrecking Ball skin based on Ein will be obtainable for free.

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