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‘Overwatch’ characters work surprisingly well in ‘Invisible Inc.’ mod

Talon Recruitment Ability Highlights
Overwatch is an all-consuming game. You don’t just protect the payload: you become the payload, but sometimes, you have to take a break and play another game, instead. Fortunately, you can put your favorite Overwatch characters into those games, too, and a new mod for Invisible Inc. spices the turn-based strategy game up with a few Talon agents.

Talon Recruitment” is a mod made by user Saltrain that places the characters Sombra and Widowmaker into Invisible Inc., complete with several of their abilities from Overwatch. Sombra is able to use her ranged EMP to tack out targets from afar, infiltrate with her cloaking ability, and use her translocators to escape undetected. Widowmaker, meanwhile, can take out targets with her venom mines and sniper rifle after locating them with her infra-vision.

The character sprites used for Sombra and Widowmaker in Invisible Inc. are gorgeous, looking almost like the two were plucked from the page of an Overwatch comic book. Sombra’s translocator is particularly impressive, with sparks shooting from the center as she teleports to another location on the map.

Saltrain continues to update the mod with the help of Invisible Inc. players on the game’s official forums. More balance-related changes will arrives in the future. To use “Talon Recruitment,” just click the “subscribe” button on the mod’s Steam page, choose “refresh mods” in the “options” menu of Invisible Inc. and then restart the game.

What other Overwatch characters would you like to see make an appearance in Invisible Inc.? We think Genji would be a great fit, with his quick dashing ability allowing him to sneak by guards undetected, and Tracer’s time-shifting powers could lead to some unique scenarios. Sadly, Winston is probably not the best candidate for a stealthy burglary.

Invisible Inc. is out now on Steam (where you can play with mods), PlayStation 4, and iOS.

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