Pay what you want for 10 DRM-free ebooks in StoryBundle’s Video Game Bundle


The ebook bundle company StoryBundle released a new package today called the Video Game Bundle that combines 10 gaming-themed ebooks for the convenient price of whatever-the-heck-you-want-to-pay. There’s a solid selection of content here if you like to think that video games can be more than a gun barrel extending out from the bottom of your screen.

The selection includes: two development journals from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner; two issues of the gaming magazine Kill ScreenConfessions of the Game Doctor by Bill Kunkel; Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson; Killing is Harmless by Brendan Keogh; Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood by Jamie Russell; a compendium of indie games by Mike Rose; and Ralph H. Baer’s retrospective, Videogames: In the Beginning.

The bundle release model, popularized by Humble Bundle Inc.‘s indie game bundles, offers multiple items for a negotiable price, often with added rewards like soundtracks, DRM-free downloads, and other bonuses. Purchasers can then divide their payment between multiple recipients in whichever way they choose. In this case, the authors of the books and StoryBundle itself, with an optional 10 percent going to the charities Mighty Writers or Girls Write Now.

The Video Game Bundle is StoryBundle’s first collection of video game ebooks. As with all such bundles, there’s a catch: three of the titles are only available to those who pay $10 or more.