‘Peggle 2’ slips out of Xbox One launch day, still releasing in 2013

peggle 2 xbox one release delayed date 2013

Peggle 2 is no longer going to be available for purchase on November 22, 2013, the day it was supposed to launch as part of the Xbox One’s release day lineup. This right here is an appropriate response.

Get it out of your system? Good. Confirmation comes directly from developer PopCap, with senior director of PR Garth Chouteau telling VentureBeat, “Peggle 2 is a ‘launch timeframe’ title, but [it] will not launch day-and-date with the Xbox One — instead, it will become available a few weeks later in December.”

Chouteau went on to say that more info is coming soon, but he wouldn’t pin down a specific release date.

We’re in for some hard days ahead, fellow gamers. A Peggle promise unfulfilled is one of life’s most terrifying nightmares. December may only be a week and change after the Xbox One’s launch, and sure, it would be nice to get Peggle 2 as a holiday gift… but November 22 would have been a lot better.