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Peter Molyneux’s next game will be called ‘Legacy,’ and he’ll code it himself

Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux, the designer best known for ambitious PC and console games like Black & White and Fable, has revealed the first details about his next project. The game is set to be called Legacy, but having been accused of over-hyping games in the past, Molyneux isn’t sharing much more information until he’s good and ready.

“I think it would be a mistake to talk about it,” said Molyneux in an interview with Glixel that was published over the weekend. The designer has previously let his passion get the better of him — it’s only been a couple of years since Godus was funded on Kickstarter, and then failed to deliver on some of its header aspirations.

However, Molyneux did share a few interesting tidbits about Legacy. He mentioned that he’s staying platform-agnostic at this point in the development process, but he’s designing the game with a mouse in mind based on personal preference.

He also noted that it’s difficult to say what genre Legacy falls into at this early stage of its creation. Molyneux stresses that it’s “very different,” and hints that it might not share a genre with any of his previous projects.

Given that Molyneux has previously helmed studios comprising hundreds of designers, it might surprise some that he’s getting his hands dirty when it comes to writing code. “I was in the hotel this morning, I was having breakfast, I was coding Legacy, and I had an idea,” he revealed in the interview. “Within an hour, I was actually playing with the thing.”

Despite the fact that his games are often imperfect, Molyneux is one of the more passionate, curious minds in the video game industry, and he’ll always have supporters as a result. It’s too early to say whether Legacy will be worth playing, but it certainly sounds like it’ll be something very different, for better or for worse.

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