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Fable creator’s next game is a NFT-laden business sim

The creator of the critically acclaimed Fable franchise, Peter Molyneux, has a new project, one set in a world where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming can go hand in hand. Announced this past weekend, Molyneux’s next game is Legacy, a blockchain business sim that will let players earn real money by playing.

Like other business sims, Legacy will let players create products that then have to be manufactured and sold, albeit to other players around the world instead of to non-playable characters (NPCs). With a built-in open market economy, players will vie for dominance as they participate in competitions and events.

But Molyneux’s vision doesn’t stop at letting players earn virtual currency. Instead, using the blockchain, players will be able to purchase “land NFTs,” which lets them start an “in-game blockchain business association.” Being a member of this club will give users access to a special group of items as well, called Legacy Keys. These can be lent to other players who also want to start their own business in the game’s virtual world, making them the lender’s “business partner.” However, the relationship is more like employer-employee, because any “business partners” will have to share a portion of their earned profits with the lender.

Naturally, though, Legacy doesn’t dole profits out to its players in any normal legal tender, like U.S. dollars. Instead, the game has its own cryptocurrency called Legacycoin, which can be earned by competing in the game’s competitive events. It’s not clear what the exchange rate between Legacycoin and U.S. dollars is yet.

While Legacy is still in development, players can already go on the game’s website and begin purchasing land NFTs. Along with Molyneux, Ubisoft is also merging the worlds of gaming and NFTs with a service dedicated to crypto tokens called Ubisoft Quartz.

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