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Fable 4: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

Fable fans have waited since 2010 for a true Albion adventure, and it looks like they’ll have to keep waiting a bit longer. The next installment in the franchise, apply named Fable 4, is in production but from a brand new studio known only for its racing games rather than fantasy RPGs. We’ve caught a few glimpses at the new game, and while more details are still to come, there’s plenty worth diving into. Here’s everything we know about Fable 4.

Release date

A toad from Fable 4 eats a fairy.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There is no definite release date for Fable 4, and players shouldn’t get their hopes up anytime soon. Even after an in-engine trailer was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023, not even a release window has been announced.


A hero sits on giant glasses with a sandwich.
Xbox Games Studios

Fable 4 is still in development for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Sorry, PlayStation users, you will not be able to venture around Albion on your Sony console. Fable has always been one of Xbox’s most revered exclusive games, and being a first-party game, it will be exclusive to their systems. Game Pass subscribers will also be able to play it on launch through that service as well.


Fable - Official Announce Trailer

The first look we got at Fable 4 was little more than a tone-setter and meant to build up some hype. It reintroduces us to this fantastical world, as well as the comedic tones the series is known for.

Fable - Xbox Games Showcase

It wasn’t until 2023 that we saw Fable 4 again, but this time we got a much better look at both the game and the tone. The entire thing was labeled in-game footage but doesn’t show much of what looks to be actual gameplay.

We are introduced to a man named Dave, an apparent vegetable enthusiast, monologuing over the rest of the trailer with some dry humor.

The hero we see is a woman, which could be an option as it was in prior games, or perhaps this time we will be playing as a set character. This is also the first time we hear our protagonist speak, which could imply a more set character.


A hero and bandit cross swords.
Xbox Games Studios

While it didn’t appear to be gameplay, at least in the final form, the last trailer did show some elements that we can expect from Fable 4.

Sword-play will be a given, including some cinematic takedowns, plus magic like a fireball. We would expect more weapons, including ranged options like bows and other magic types, to return but have yet to actually see any so far. In terms of enemies, we see a handful of human foes, a look at some kind of werewolf, and the giant narrating the entire trailer.

The trailer also implies plenty of social interactions, which has been a staple of the series since the beginning. Again, we don’t see how they will work or if the mini-game-style systems will come back.

There’s a fantastic shot of the iconic chicken-kick, so hopefully that will be included in the final release.


There is currently no way to pre-order Fable 4. As soon as they are made public, we will give you all the details.

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