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Obsidian’s ‘Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire’ sails to PC on April 3

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Early Gameplay Trailer
The sequel to one of 2015’s best RPGs has an official launch date. Obsidian Entertainment announced that Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire arrives to PC on April 3.

Crowdfunded to the tune of $4.4 million — four times its goal — the launch marks the first time Obsidian has entered the realm of sequels. Building off its Baldur’s Gate-inspired aesthetic, Deadfire greatly expands the land and sea of Eora.

At the start of the game, Eothas, the god of light, returns and nearly kills you. Compelled for answers and to preserve your soul, you must set sail far east toward Deadfire Archipelago in search of the mysterious god. The game’s vast open world hinges on exploring the open waters and scouring Eoras’ hundreds of differentiated islands, many of which do not appear on your map.

Your boat serves as a mobile base for you and your four companions to regroup throughout your adventures. Character classes and relationships will return, but now each character has three sub-classes, and relationships will play a more pivotal role. If you played the original, your decisions will carry over to affect both Deadfire’s story and gameplay.

Obsidian also revealed multiple special editions to go alongside the $50 standard edition. The Deluxe Edition ($60) comes with the official soundtrack, an in-game pet, a special, unannounced in-game item, a high-resolution game map, a guidebook, and a Pillars of Eternity pen and paper RPG starter guide. For $75, you can get your hands on the Obsidian Edition. In addition to all of the content in the Deluxe Edition, you receive each of the three planned DLC packs.

All three versions of the game can be pre-ordered via Steam and GOG. Those who pre-order any edition of the game will receive three in-game items: St. Drogga’s Skull, Beakhead the hawk, and Black Flag. St. Drogga’s Skull will “guide you through the darkest reaches of the Deadfire” with its green flame, and can be used in combat to burn enemies. Beakhead is a bonus pet to have at your side, and the flag, which can be flown on your ship, features the sigil of a mysterious group from a distant land.

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