Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare guide

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Gardens & Graveyards is a slightly tweaked take on Battlefield’s Rush mode. Plants are always defending and Zombies are always attacking. For Zombies, the goal is to stand inside the colored circle denoting the Plant’s garden. Stay there long enough and a meter at the top of the screen fills with purple, signaling that you’ve captured the garden. Each captured garden opens up more of the map, leading to the next one. Capture all the gardens and you’ll have to complete a final objective, which could involve ferrying a certain number of zombies into the Plants’ mansion or setting four bombs to take out their Tactical Cuke. The goal of the Plant faction is to keep each garden safe; if five minutes go by without a garden being captured (seven minutes for the first one), and the counter hits zero with no zombies in the capture zone, the Plants win.

That’s the basic layout, though each faction has a number of advantages it can bring to bear. For the Zombies, it’s all about activating the teleporter for each garden. Once a garden is captured, that location becomes the new spawn point leading to the next garden. There’s always a non-functional teleportation machine roughly midway to the objective. Only the Engineer can see it (via on screen icon) and only the Engineer can fix it. Once that’s done, a glowing purple door appears near the Zombie spawn; step into it and you’re whisked off to a much closer location to stage a garden assault from.

The Zombies can also call in AI-controlled reinforcements from gold-glowing mounds of dirt. You’ll need to unlock these summons by purchasing sticker packs; the 1,000 coin Reinforcements Pack is the way to go if you want to bulk up your stock of summons. There’s an assortment of zombies you can call on, and a menu pops up when you interact with the dirt mound to let you know what you’ve got access to. Plants can also summon in assistance at gold-glowing flowerpots, though it’s best to save these precious summons for the Garden Ops mode if you can. Zombies don’t need to save summons since Gardens & Graveyards is the only mode Zombies can be summoned in; just make sure you use them during a heavy push and not while your team is regrouping.

Both teams will want to stick to the general strategy of adhering to class-specific roles. Don’t revive if you’re not a healer, don’t rush the front lines – or the capture point – if you’re built for long-distance fire. Play to your class’s strengths. Sure, sometimes you’ll see an undefended garden or a downed teammate with no enemies nearby, and in those situations by all means do what you can to help your team. But put your priority on sticking to your class role.

Much like Team Vanquish, there are Welcome Mat and Classic variants of Gardens & Graveyards. The former gives you more health with each spawn depending on how poorly you’re playing and the latter eliminates all class customization options.

Plants faction


Learn all about the different soldier classes and play strategies for the Plants faction in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Zombies faction

PvZGW guide-ZombieLearn all about the different soldier classes and play strategies for the Zombies faction in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Boss Mode


A quick word on the strategic play in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare‘s Boss Mode. Inspired by Battlefield’s Commander mode.

Team Vanquish


Team Vanquish is the Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare take on Team Deathmatch. Here are some tips for surviving.

Gardens & Graveyards

PvZGW-guide-GardensGraveyardsIn Gardens & Graveyards, Zombies fight to capture the Plants’ gardens, opening more of the map as they go. Inspired by Battlefield’s Rush mode.

Garden Ops


Garden Ops is a wave-based cooperative survival mode for four players. Plants protect their garden against an onslaught of Zombies.


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