PlayStation 4 pre-orders to open again briefly at GameStop

playstation 4 console

We’ve got an email heads-up from GameStop informing us that “an extremely limited number” of PlayStation 4 launch day bundles will be available for pre-order on the retailer’s website sometime during the morning of November 13, 2013. With the console set to launch on Friday, November 15, and most pre-sold supplies long since spoken for, this is likely your last chance to guarantee yourself a new Sony machine on launch day.

It’s not clear exactly when you’ll be able to grab a PS4 pre-order today, but you can probably figure on “morning” relating to the folks out west that live three hours in the past. If you’re really set on getting yourself a console, your best bet is to just keep re-checking GameStop’s PS4 bundle product page. There are technically six bundles that were being sold before GameStop’s pre-order allotment sold out, but one of them – the Driveclub bundle – likely won’t be available this morning, given that the racing game is no longer a launch title. The rest of the bundles include a console and one game: Killzone: Shadow FallKnackCall of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 are the options listed.

The PlayStation 4 launches this Friday and you’ll almost definitely need a pre-order set if you want to nab one. There may be a few lucky stragglers that walk-in and score a console from the almost assuredly limited launch day supply that wasn’t pre-sold, but you should at least prepare to be disappointed if you’re going to count on that.