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Upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro update will add 1080p/60fps streaming, report says

PS4 Pro
The PlayStation 4 is a great platform for connecting to an audience through services like Twitch, but up until now, stream quality has not been a high as it is on PC. The next PlayStation 4 system software update appears to be changing this, at least for those with a PlayStation 4 Pro console.

The PlayStation 4’s update 5.0 hasn’t actually been announced, but details have already been revealed through a Eurogamer report. We’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation and will update this piece if and when we receive a response.

Once the PlayStation 4 Pro has been updated, there will be an option for 1080p and 60fps quality. As of right now, players can choose to broadcast their streams at 60 frames per second, but the resolution is limited to 720p. The combination of higher resolution and framerate should let the PlayStation 4 Pro’s technical benefits shine through over a stream. Games like The Surge and Nioh can run quite smoothly on the beefier console, which is crucial for properly dodging and attacking enemies.

A few quality-of-life improvements are also being made. Previously, only verified developers and personalities could be “followed” on the PlayStation Network. Now, this will open up to anyone, allowing users to keep up to date on someone’s activity without actually having to add them as a friend. Notifications will now be viewable from the system’s quick menu, as well, so you can check on your downloads’ progress without actually having to exit to the main menu — of course, you’ll also likely get told there are “new events you might enjoy,” instead.

The previous major PlayStation 4 update, 4.5, added a few substantial features when it released earlier this year. Users can now use external hard drives on their system for the first time, which have been compatible with Xbox One for several years. 3D Blu-ray discs are also now viewable using the PlayStation VR headset, as Sony has apparently accepted the fact that no one owns or wants a 3D television anymore. 4.5 also added support for custom wallpapers for those who took a particularly nice game screenshot, as well as a new look for the quick menu.

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