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The Silent Hill-inspired Post Trauma set to scare you this fall

Post Trauma I Release Window Trailer

Upcoming Raw Fury horror homage title Post Trauma is set to release this fall, according to a new trailer released Thursday.

The trailer, which debuted during the 2024 Guerrilla Interactive showcase, revealed that the game, which was announced during The Game Awards 2022, will hit PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S this fall, although it’s unclear if it will arrive in time for spooky games season around Halloween.

The video also features new footage from this atmospheric horror throwback developed by Red Soul Games, a Spanish independent studio. During the first teaser, we got a good look at some of its retro-inspired puzzles and some of its settings. This time around, we got some dialogue and more clues about the story. Here, you’ll play as Roman, a train conductor who gets trapped in a grimy, disturbing world and has to escape. According to the Steam page, “will you uncover the truth and find a way back to your family?”

However, you’re not alone. The release window announcement shows some other characters who are trapped with you. A voice screams: “You think you can escape what you have done?” Raw Fury also revealed that Japanese character actor Togo Igawa is playing Roman, while Autumn Ivy and Hyoie O’Grady will play unnamed characters.

The Steam page describes Post Trauma as “a horror game inspired by genre-defining classics of the past decades.” The Silent Hill vibes are especially apparent, with a third-person view, degraded locations filled with organic-looking horrors, monsters that look like twisted humans, and the hell-like other world. The trailers also feature a number of puzzles that are reminiscent of Silent Hill, the Resident Evil games, the first few Amnesia games, Alone in the Dark, and many others.

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