Project Spark global beta launches on Xbox One

project spark global beta launches xbox one festival dlc 01 jpg

The global beta for Microsoft’s Project Spark is officially live on Xbox One, meaning you should be on the lookout for a download code if you signed up at any point. The beta has already been live on Windows 8.1 for a number of months, and all content should cross back and forth between that version and the newly available console beta. Those who already have access to the Windows beta will also be able to access the Xbox One beta.

Project Spark is Microsoft’s answer to content-creation games like LittleBigPlanet and Disney Infinity. First revealed at E3 2013, the “game” – it’s really more of a user-friendly development platform that is built to allow for content-sharing and play – allows users to construct elaborate 3D environments and fill them with props and AI-operated beings. We caught an early look at Project Spark during E3 and were very encouraged by what we saw.

There’s no word on when the final release will be ready, but the beta should transition directly into that at some point. Project Spark is a free-to-play proposition, and it should eventually be coming to Xbox 360 as well. You can sign up for the beta now at