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Design your own PS5 controller with this handy tool

If you’ve been hoping to customize your PS5 DualSense controller, you’re in luck. Scuf Gaming, a company known for creating high-end third-party gear, has released a new customization tool for its Reflex controller. PS5 owners can use an Xbox Design Lab-like tool to create their ideal gamepad, complete with custom parts.

Scuf’s standard Reflex is perhaps the closest thing the PS5 has to an Xbox Elite Series 2. The controller features mappable back paddles, grips, interchangeable thumbsticks, and more. The company’s newly released builder tool gives players a level of customization that’s yet to be seen in Sony’s DualSense.

Corsair Director of Gaming Product Management Jonas Ferry walked me through the process of creating a controller using Scuf’s web builder. You’ll start by choosing a faceplate. There are nine colors available currently and 23 custom patterns, including galactic designs and some more abstract options. Ferry says Scuf plans to add more options over time as it has with previous controllers. From there, players can alter the colors on anything, including triggers, bumpers, the D-pad, and more.

A custom PS5 Reflex controller made using Scuf's builder tool.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While color customization is always fun to tool around with, Scuf goes one step further than a tool like Xbox Design Lab, which is strictly cosmetic. Players can choose custom thumbsticks that either have a domed or concave design, and there’s a short and taller variant of each.

More intriguing, the tool lets players tweak the DualSense’s defining features. For an extra charge, players can swap out adaptive triggers for “instant” ones that’ll press down more easily. The tool also gives users the option to remove rumble from the controller entirely as a weight-cutting measure.

Naturally, heavy customization can come at a cost. A standard controller will run players $200, but the price can quickly balloon into the $300 range depending on how many custom colors and features are used. Even with the high cost, Scuf is offering a service that Sony doesn’t seem eager to create itself. For those who want more control over their aesthetic and playstyle, it’s a tempting service.

If you want to try creating your own Scuf Reflex, you can try the tool out for free on its website.

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