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Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op alien shooter coming this fall

Rainbow Six Extraction, the next game in the tactical shooter series, will launch for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on September 16. Beyond that, its gameplay was shown off extensively during the E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward event, along with a brand-new trailer.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Gameplay Deep Dive Reveal | #UbiForward | Ubisoft [NA]

In Extraction, players are tasked with facing off against deadly infected creatures and must safely escape with their squad. Extraction will still feel like the Rainbow Six players you know and love, but this game will have a vastly different theme. In it, up to three players can team up to take down the alien parasite known as the Archaen. Players also can experience the game solo.

With this being a Rainbow Six game, stealth, gadgets, and coordination with a squad still will be present. Players will be able to utilize stealth to get through levels carefully. The game will feature 18 Operators, each with their own skills and gadgets, just like Rainbow Six Siege. Playing with a specific Operator will level them up, granting players with better stats, weapons, perks, and more. The game will feature 12 maps at launch, with many challenges for players to complete across each.

Ubisoft also announced that Extraction will support cross-play, allowing players to take on the Archaen regardless of platform. In addition, those who own Rainbow Six Siege will gain access to all of Extraction’s 18 Operators instantly.

Ubisoft originally planned for this game to be called Rainbow Six Quarantine, but has renamed it Extraction, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was initially planned to launch much earlier, but is now set for release later this fall.

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