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Rainbow Six Mobile takes Siege to Android and iOS

Another popular first-person shooter is making its way to mobile devices, this time, courtesy of Ubisoft. The developer’s tactical FPS, Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Android and iOS devices as Rainbow Six Mobile.

Welcome Operators to #Rainbow6Mobile!@Rainbow6Mobile will bring the same fast paced tactical shooter gameplay to your devices.

Choose your Operator, secure your location as a Defender or lead an assault as an Attacker to win! ⚔️ 🛡

— Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) April 5, 2022

Today’s announcement came with a trailer, but not a release date. It seems that Rainbow Six Mobile will largely play the same as its big-screen counterpart, complete with unique characters for both attacking and defending.

Only two of the game’s maps have been revealed so far, Bank and Border, though others will be added in future updates for the game. And just like in SiegeRainbow Six Mobile players will be able to transform those maps through barricades or explosives to create new opportunities.

Anyone who wants to play the game before it releases can also register for a closed beta on the game’s website. That beta will include the two maps shown off previously, as well as 10 operators — five offensive and five defensive — for players to use. In an interview with GameSpotRainbow Six Mobile‘s developers revealed that the game will have between 18 and 22 operators when it eventually launches. Rainbow Six Mobile‘s release date has not been shared.

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest in a growing number of first-person shooters to make the leap to mobile devices. EA’s Apex Legends is slowly creeping onto Android and iOS devices as Apex Legends Mobile while Activision has been looking to grow its presence on the platform with a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone.

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