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Fortnite is back on iOS thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

The debacle between Epic Games and Apple that resulted in a giant court case saw what many believed was the end of Fortnite in the iOS ecosystem. Now, the pop culture-filled battle royale returns to Apple products in a roundabout way as Xbox is offering it for free as part of its Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

Play Fortnite at with Xbox Cloud Gaming for free

Fortnite players using iOS, iPadOS, Android phone or tablet, or Windows PC can now hop on the game literally anywhere — as long as they have internet access — through Xbox Cloud Gaming. The cloud software originally was exclusive to certain games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Fortnite‘s return to Apple products marks the first time the cloud service is being made available to anyone for free, regardless of whether or not they have a Game Pass subscription.

Using the Xbox’s cloud service, Fortnite fans can not only play the game with higher graphics settings, but they’ll also have the choice between touchscreen controls and a supported controller as well. Of course, they’re going to want to be on the strongest internet possible to avoid the latency issues that can come with gaming cloud services.

Fortnite is Xbox’s first dive into its free-to-play cloud initiative. In a blog post, the company states that it’s looking to continue adding games to its cloud services, like Fortnite, completely free of charge to players around the world.

“At Xbox we want to make gaming accessible to the three billion players around the world, and cloud has an important role in that mission,” Catherine Gluckstein, Vice President and Head of Product, Xbox Cloud Gaming states in the blog. “Quite simply we want you to have more choice in both the games you play and the way you choose to play them.”

You can access Fortnite through various devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming for free right now. The only thing players need is an Xbox account.

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