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Does Rainbow Six Extraction support split-screen play?

For a highly competitive first-person shooter focused so much on tactics, positioning, and quick reflexes, it made sense why Rainbow Six Siege would not support split-screen play. It would obviously not work if the two people playing were on different teams, but even on the same team, being able to essentially see from two angles at once would defeat the purpose of the carefully crafted sightlines, emphasis on communication, and all the gadgets made to help and hinder spotting enemies. However, Rainbow Six Extraction is another type of game entirely. It still has all the same mechanics but is fully co-op now with no PvP elements at all.

With a squad of up to three Operators, all of which are taken right out of Rainbow Six Siege with a few tweaks, you will go on different missions with varied objectives that pit you against swarms of deadly Archaeans. This entire experience is designed with this squad-based composition in mind, not a lone wolf-style experience, even though you do have that option if you so choose. Getting your friends together is the intended way to go — and certainly the most fun — but what if you want to play with a friend in the same place? Split-screen games are not as common as they used to be, even in co-op-focused titles like Rainbow Six Extraction, so does this game let you play with a friend couch co-op style?

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Can you play Rainbow Six Extraction in split-screen?

Soldiers shooting aliens in Rainbow Six Extraction.

No,  Rainbow Six Extraction cannot be played in split-screen mode. No matter what platform you’re on, whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, the only multiplayer options are via the online systems. You can either matchmake with random allies or create a squad with your friends and join up that way, but everyone will need to be on their own system to do so. It also doesn’t seem like there will be any plans to add this feature in the future. The developers have not mentioned it, and with the trend of even co-op games ditching split-screen options altogether, we don’t have much hope that it will ever come to Rainbow Six Extraction.

If you have a friend you want to team up with, unfortunately, your only options are to link up online from your own systems.

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