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Is Rainbow Six Extraction cross-platform?

Get ready, Operators, because a new threat has invaded the world of Rainbow Six. The Chimera parasite is back in Rainbow Six Extraction, and it is up to the familiar Operators from Rainbow Six Siege to take on a variety of missions to hopefully find a way to take back the land taken over by the Archaens. You can’t do it alone, though, and just like in Siege, teamwork is essential. Your squad is cut down to just three, although you could go in solo. Doing so is nearly a death sentence when things get tough, though, so you will want as many friends watching your back as possible.

Being so heavily co-op focused, playing with your friends is the ideal way to experience Rainbow Six Extraction. There are matchmaking options as well, but nothing will be as effective as a team of friends who can trust one another to keep each other safe. However, not all of us might have the same systems to play Rainbow Six Extraction on. In that case, cross-platform support would be required to team up. If you need to know whether or not your friends on different platforms can help you fight these new alien threats, here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Rainbow Six Extraction is cross-platform.

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Does Rainbow Six Extraction have cross-platform support?

An alien and squad member face off in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction has full cross-platform support. As confirmed by the game’s official website, you will be able to form teams as well as match-make with all players on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC. This feature is on by default, so you don’t need to worry about digging through menus to turn it on. To find your friends across different platforms, just add them via their Ubisoft Connect account names and invite them to your team via the in game Squad menu.

But if you’d rather stick to playing only with people on your specific platform of choice, you do have the option to turn cross-play off to limit matchmaking options.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have cross-progression?

Yes; almost as important as having cross-play is having cross-progression. Thankfully, you don’t lose anything if you decide to play Rainbow Six Extraction on multiple platforms. Everything you do, earn, unlock, or purchase will stay with your account no matter where you play. The only thing that doesn’t transfer are achievements and trophies.

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