Tactics and teamwork reign in Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer, beta coming Sept. 24

New details on Rainbow Six: Siege emerged out of Ubisoft’s E3 press conference on Monday afternoon, where the publisher gave fans a peek into the game’s story, a glimpse at a new multiplayer mode, as well as details on an upcoming beta.

Actress Angela Basset will offer her voice and likeness to the character Six, the leader of Rainbow Team — the elite anti-terror unit which the player is a part of. Bassett took to the stage alongside host Aisha Tyler to convey her excitement at playing Six, and tell audiences about the game’s story. In the world of Rainbow Six: Siege, home-grown terror is a real and present threat, and Rainbow Team has been tapped to hunt down these cells and put an end to their plans.

Beyond this, single-player details were sparse, but Ubisoft gave fans a look at what to expect from the multiplayer content. A demo for Terrorhunt, a new multiplayer mode based on the classic Rainbow Six Terrorist Hunt mode, saw a team of players taking on a terror cell that has planted a bomb in a city building. Beginning their assault on the roof, the team ascended the side of the structure on ropes, and crashed through windows. From there, the team was in constant chatter, taking tactical formations to flank and outsmart enemies, and protect each other while searching for and disarming a bomb.

It’s clear from the demo that communication and strategy are key to success and survival. Taking a few shots will down a player’s character, and being reckless or imprecise with movement and cover could spell disaster for one’s entire team. This sort of highly tactical, methodical gameplay has us excited; it’s not often a large, multiplayer console shooter takes teamwork so seriously. Luckily, we’ll all get a chance to try both PVP and Terrorhunt in Rainbow Six: Seige out soon, as a beta for the game begins on September 24.