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Razer wants to take you on a Poké-tour with its new ‘Pokémon Go’ social app

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For a game that involves obsessively staring at your phone while you wander around local landmarks, Pokémon Go has proved to be quite a social experience, with teams and lures and real world meet ups all adding to the experience. Getting in touch with your fellow players is currently restricted to face to face communication though. RazerGo is designed to fix that when it goes live at 7 P.M. (Pacific) tonight, July 20.

RazerGo is a social applications that allows Pokémon Go players to talk to one another within a scalable radius: three miles, 60 miles, or 600 miles. You can adjust who you talk to, whether it’s your friends, team, or every player within that radius and all of this fits right inside the Pokémon Go interface, so it’s easily accessible.

As much as Razer wants to help Pokémon trainers interact and improve the social aspect of the game, it’s also looking to bring groups of people together with it. As part of the launch of the app, Razer will be hosting guided Pokémon tours around San Francisco, hitting up various hotspots and spawn points, as well as giving away prizes and hosting special promotions at its (conveniently) nearby Razer Store.

For those looking to join on, you’ll need to act fast, as the first Poké-crawl starts today, July 20 at 6PM at the RazerStore, which is located at Space 136, Westfield San Francisco Centre, 865 Market St.

This is the same “concept” store that Razer opened up back in May, offering gaming stations, a giant display wall and streams of various Esports and Let’s plays.

In order to take part in any of this though, you’ll need the Razer Go application as well as Pokémon Go. You likely already have the latter installed, so head to Razer’s official site to get the web-client version of the new chat-app (again, it will not be live until 7 P.M. Pacific on July 20). Official Android and iOS versions are incoming, expected to launch on July 25, or “as soon as possible” in some markets, according to Razer.

Once that’s complete, we’d recommend keeping an eye on Razer’s Twitter and Facebook social feeds, as more information will be posted there soon, including where abouts you might be headed on your very first Poké-tour.

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